Top product lines for all consumer demands.

Back-Liebe Emaille
Premium quality for highest demands. Smooth as glass, with cut- and scratch resistant quartz/enamel surface. Ideal for sophisticated, well-suited households.

Stylish with non-stick coating. Attractive bicolored appearance. For sophisticated households preferring a modern style.


Energy Saving
The energy saver with optimum heat conductivity. Use up to 30% less energy. Foer everyone wishing to save but not wishing to renounce.

Proven reliability, made of dark refined metal. Very good heat conductivity. Not only for initial purchases of brand name and quality oriented shoppers.


Practical, made of electrolytic tin-plated white metal. Very cost effective and optimally designed for households with gas ovens.

Special quality silicon moulds for perfect baking results.

Baking Tools
Convenient solutions for everyone who loves baking.